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A Versatile Bracket System for your Video Camera and DSLR Accessories.
The Professional Solution for mounting Wireless Microphone Receivers,
Audio/Video Flash Recorders, Lights and Shotgun Mikes to your Camcorder.
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Universal Wireless Receiver Mount

Large Velcro Strap (for Quick Plate)


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Quick Plate

Universal wireless receiver and accessory mounting adapter. A low cost solution for attaching your wireless receiver, Audio/Video recorder or other accessories to the Bracket 1 bracket system or any camera with the industry standard mounting pattern. A Velcro type strap cinches tight around the accessory, firmly holding the receiver against two rubber pads. Two Quick Plates can be mounted back to back on any Bracket 1 bracket to hold 2 wireless receivers or accessories. Quick Plate with standard Velcro Strap (included) will accept an accessory up to about 9" in circumference. Add a Large, XL or XXL Velcro Strap for bigger items. Mfr# VISLQP

Our Price: $64.95

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